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Agent Rise with Neil Mathweg is for real estate agent who want to be uncommon, bring clarity to their business, and want to breakthrough all the noise to build a thriving real estate business. Agent Rise is both a podcast and a movement, designed to wake up and redefine the real estate industry. So we can build a business we truly love, make a greater impact, while eliminating the stress of it all. Hosted by Neil Mathweg, a veteran agent in Madison, WI and real estate agent coach and speaker. Let’s join the movement now! Agent Rise was formerly known as the Onion Juice Podcast.
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Oct 14, 2019

If you’re doing everything right you should be getting plenty of leads—lead-conversion is a far more difficult process. Nobody likes following up on leads, leaving voicemails, and endlessly getting no return phone-call. This episode of Agent Rise is all about helping you reframe the way you look at lead conversion while giving you practical strategies to utilize.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:30] How to convert leads in real estate
  • [2:55] Stop asking and start giving
  • [5:00] Speak the right language
  • [6:40] Take advantage of the ‘dream phase’
  • [9:30] A lesson in consistency
  • [11:45] Put a lead-conversion system in place
  • [14:10] Consistency leads to mastery

Stop asking and start giving

Everyone—buyers and agents alike—hate follow up calls. You end up leaving a voicemail saying “Hey, just following up on such-and-such, please call me back and keep me in the loop about where you’re at in the process”. Click. Usually, you’re left with no response. It’s frustrating and seems like a waste of time.

But what if you stopped leaving the world’s lamest message and offered them something of value?

Wouldn’t that call be so much better if you took the time to research houses and left them a message saying “Hey, after we talked at the open house last week, I’ve kept my eyes open and I think I found your perfect house! Call me back and we will schedule a time to see it!”. 

All-of-the-sudden, you start getting calls back. Why? Because you gave them what they were looking for. You’re starting to speak their language. With a little effort on your part, you’re one step closer to converting a lead.

Don’t let a buyers ‘dream phase’ become a missed opportunity

Many buyers go through a dreaming process. They’re looking at available homes, daydreaming about what they want, and just barely dipping their toes in the water. You could connect with them and find out they’re not ready to buy until next year. Don’t simply shrug and move on! A real estate purchase is probably the one thing in their life that they dream about the longest.

They can take months or years to make a decision. That’s just life. 

Even if they’re simply dreaming, you can still get the process rolling. Offer to meet with them and talk about what they’re looking for. Connect them with a lender to make sure financing is in place. Reassure them that you know they’re not ready, but that you’re available when they are. Just being available and giving keeps you at the forefront of their mind—and sometimes can speed up their timeline, too. 

Get a lead-conversion system in place

The #1 thing you can do to make sure you’re not letting leads slip through your fingers is to get a system in place. It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, my system consists of two phone calls.

  1. Call them and find out what their search criteria consists of. What interested them about the house they inquired about? 
  2. Use their search criteria they provided and match them up with houses that are the perfect fit. Call them and let them know what you found!

You are consistently offering them something of value. You aren’t working to convince them to work with you. Eventually, with the effort that you’re putting in, you will compel them to work with you

Never forget that consistency leads to mastery

If you’ve listened to the last two episodes you know we’ve been talking about keeping the promises you make to yourself and the impact it has. Consistency in keeping those promises builds integrity and brings you dignity. Too many agents I’ve worked with have the systems they need and I have provided. They know the system works—and works well.

But for some reason, they’re not implementing the system. Those agents are lacking personal integrity.

It’s blunt, but it’s true. You need to claim that you’ll implement a system and then do it. Keep making those follow-up phone calls. You will eventually get your call back—even if it’s to tell you to stop calling. You have to try if you want to get any results. Even if the results are lessons. Remember that consistency leads to mastery and that you can do anything

So practice being consistent. Get a lead-conversion system in place, start following-up, and start offering something of value. Then connect with me and let me know how it’s going!

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Oct 7, 2019

Building up your ‘promise momentum’

“Every time you say you’re gonna do something and don’t, you lose more belief in yourself” — Chris and Heidi Powell

Let’s be real here. The promises you make to yourself are just as important as the promises you make to others. It’s easy to embody integrity when you’re doing something for a client—but then you let the ball drop in your own life.

If you’re ready to stop breaking the promises you make to yourself, you need to start building promise momentum. So what does that look like? Start with one simple promise—one itty bitty little thing you can do every single day—and complete it.

Little-by-little the promises you keep to yourself begin to snowball and your belief in yourself will skyrocket. Trust me

Bring back your morning routine

I’ve been sticking to the same morning routine for almost 11 years now. I wake up every day and listen to a podcast, pray, and meditate. Is there a morning routine that sets your day up for success? When I stray from my routine it affects every part of my day negatively. 

If you’ve never stuck to a morning routine, implement one now! There is power in consistency. Not only that, but what you do can greatly impact your personal development as well!

Wake up and make your bed (power promise), brush your teeth (another power promise) and starting reading, praying, meditating—whatever fills you up and propels you into the day. Keep listening as I share a story about the power of routine. 

Practical ways for agents to implement a power promise

Maybe you already understand and/or utilize power promises. Maybe you have a morning routine that you stick to. But do you know how to take these concepts and implement them into your business?

It’s time to start to follow-through on these practices in your business, too!

Match-make every single day.

Start a video series or podcast you’ve been thinking about. 

Engage fully in the coaching process.

I work with a part-time realtor who has promised to set aside time every single day so she can quit her full-time job and focus all her efforts into the business. What can you do every day to invest in power promises for your business?

There is a reason for the ‘Day-Blocking System’

As part of my boot camp and coaching process, I work with you to develop a custom day-block system for your business. What could that look like?

  • Monday: Work on your hot leads.
  • Tuesday: Connect with clients and give them updates.
  • Wednesday: Work on your sphere of influence: Call 5-10 people.
  • Thursday: Work on your attraction pillar (prep for open-houses over the weekend)
  • Friday: Today can be dedicated to working on your attraction pillar. 

As your power promise momentum spills over from your personal life and into your business it will make an impact. On the flip-side, if you don’t keep your promises, everything will unravel. 

Jump into the Facebook group and share with me the promises you will commit to! I want to hear what you’re doing. Listen to the whole episode to hear how I’m building power promises into my everyday life. 

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:30] Revisiting the concept of the power promise
  • [4:40] Building promise momentum with a morning routine
  • [9:20] Practical ways to implement power promises
  • [13:20] Use a Day-Block System customized to you
  • [16:20] How I’m integrating the concept into my life

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Sep 30, 2019

Did you know that transformation in your personal life and your business begins with personal integrity? Do you understand that keeping the promises you make to yourself is just as important as the promises you make to others? In this episode of Agent Rise, I talk about a video I saw recently featuring Ed Mylett and Chris and Heidi Powell. It is transformational—don’t miss it!

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:30] A transformational video
  • [5:25] Video clip from Chris and Heidi Powell
  • [5:35] Steps to Change: Personal Integrity
  • [9:00] How to build self-confidence
  • [12:45] What is a “power promise”?
  • [15:25] Keep the promises you make to yourself
  • [18:10] What are you going to promise yourself?

The hidden path to change is personal integrity

I’ve been pretty open with you guys about my weight-loss journey. I’ve talked about how I lost 120 pounds simply to gain it all back, and more. I’m finally back on a path I believe will lead to lasting change, and I’ve lost 26 pounds. But something said in this interview shook me:

“You are all here because you do not have integrity”. 

What do you mean, I don’t have integrity?!  

Chris defines integrity as “keeping the promises you make to yourself when no one else is watching”. Ouch. In truth, many of us excel at keeping the promises we make to others. But when it comes to keeping promises to ourselves we fall short. I know I have. Want to know what to do about it? Keep listening. 

How to build self-confidence

Somewhere along the way, as you’ve spent your life making and breaking promises to yourself, you’ve lost self-confidence. With every broken promise, your dignity takes a hit. You may find yourself only making silent promises. A build-up of broken promises is what leads to obesity, alcoholism, and addiction.

Building your personal integrity and self-confidence back up begins with the practice of keeping your promises—to yourself. Chris and Heidi talk about starting small with literally anything:

Promise that you’ll brush your teeth every day.

Make your bed every day.

Track your macros every day.

As a coach, it is our job to remind you to learn to love yourself again. That begins with making and keeping promises.

Your word has to be more powerful than your excuses 

That phrase is simple yet profound. Your word has to be more powerful than your excuses. Start keeping whatever promise you make to yourself. You have to start overcoming those excuses and keep yourself winning. 

As you keep building wins on wins you begin to learn that your word holds value. Chris and Heidi refer to it as integrity momentum. As you’re fulfilling promises to yourself, your belief in yourself begins to rebuild itself. It is powerful.

What are you going to promise to yourself? 

I’m a huge advocate of just getting started. It’s time to stop talking and start doing. So my challenge to you this week is two-fold: 

  1. Listen to the whole interview with Chris and Heidi Powell linked below
  2. Make a promise to yourself–and begin keeping it

Don’t worry—I’m not going to just preach to you and not walk-the-walk myself. My promise is to track my macros every single day. I know this keeps me on track and keeps me accountable with my coach. 

Listen to the whole episode of Agent Rise as I touch on how these principles for weight loss affect your business. Comment and let me know what you’re going to do this week to begin your personal integrity journey. 

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Sep 23, 2019

The lifetime value of relationships that you build is far more important than the lifetime value of a ‘transaction’ or a ‘customer’. In today’s episode of Agent Rise, I want to share with you the importance of building lifetime relationships with people that are NOT transactional or contingent on a sale.

People make multiple transactions throughout their life

I have a friend who had been working with a client for about a year. She invested her time into showing them houses and in the end, they bought from a close family friend. She was devastated and couldn’t understand what went wrong and why she lost the sale. Should she have had them sign a buyer agency agreement?

I reminded her that she can’t be ashamed or place shame on them

People make many transactions throughout their lives. They may not have gone through you this time, but if you continue to cultivate that relationship—they may go through you next time. I encourage you to treat these people well. They may not have bought through you, but you can continue to serve them, be there for whatever they need, and make sure they know you just want to see them happy.

You never know what referrals they may be able to send your way because of how well you treat them.

The lifetime value of a lead

You may come across people who are looking for their future home but are very clear that it will be quite some time before they’re ready to make a purchase. Don’t simply put them on an email list and make a note to check back on them in a year. Place value on the relationships you can build with the potential clients

So what can you do?

Get there search criteria and get them into a matchmaker system. Every time you come across something that you think they’d like—give them a call and let them know about it. It’s far more personal than an email and you can remind them that you know they aren’t ready, but that they are constantly on your radar.

Build into that relationship.

Listen, I truly care. I want them to be happy and I want to offer them the best service I can. People take note of that. They may not be primed and ready to take the leap—but perhaps the coworker that sits next to them is. Or a family friend is ready to buy. You never know what opportunities may come your way if you focus on the relationship, NOT the transaction. 

Put your emphasis on the value of relationships

I’ve threaded this through the entire episode and I will reiterate it here. The value is in the relationships you build

I had done something in the community of the Village of DeForest and the president at the time took note. He knows my Dad and knows many clients that I’ve worked with and he was a raving fan of mine. Though he never bought a house with me, he referred person after person to me.

I called and thanked him personally for every person he sent my way.

What can you do to make clients feel appreciated?

How can you show them you value their relationship?

What is one step you can take to move away from a transactional relationship and towards a friendship?

Never lose sight of the lifetime value of relationships.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:35] It is all about a lifetime relationship
  • [2:25] Move away from transactional relationships
  • [5:20] The lifetime value of a lead
  • [9:00] Using a neighbor as an example
  • [10:45] Invest in the post-closing relationship
  • [12:05] The lifetime value of relationships

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Sep 16, 2019

Do you struggle with overthinking every decision you want or need to make? Have you thought about launching something for a while and just can’t seem to make it happen? In this episode of Agent Rise, I talk all about the problem of overthinking—and how you can overcome what’s holding you back.

Overthinking is the art of creating problems that don’t exist

As humans, we tend to want everything to be perfect. We mull ideas over in our heads and let anxiety run its course—and remain at the starting line. We tell ourselves:

“When everything falls into place, then I’ll launch _____.”

“I’ll finally do _____ when the timing is right.”

“Once I get to _____ then I will do _____.”

Let’s be honest with ourselves—nothing will ever be perfect and you will never be 100% ready. That’s just how it is. Maybe you have an idea for a YouTube channel, a blog, or even a podcast that you’ve been wanting to launch. I’m here to tell you to just do it.

Don’t let lies and limiting beliefs hold you back

Failure only happens when you quit, right? So sit down and work through the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Take your idea, bring it into the light, and learn lessons as you go. You will never find a better time than now. Life will always get in the way. Roadblocks always arise. Take those roadblocks and challenges and allow yourself to learn and grow from them.

Procrastination is the enemy of progress

I know you’ve heard me say “How you do something is how you do everything”, right? Procrastination in one area of your life will feed over into everything else. Don’t spend your life holding yourself back from the great things you are capable of doing. Take your idea, run with it, and see where it takes you.

My challenge to you today:

What is it that you want to start that you haven’t started?

What is holding you back?

Do something today to overcome overthinking and finally move forward.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:30] Stop overthinking things
  • [4:00] Stop creating problems that don’t exist
  • [5:40] The timing will never be perfect
  • [7:10] How you do something is how you do everything
  • [8:50] Work through the lies and limiting beliefs
  • [9:20] What is it that you want to start that you haven’t started?

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Sep 9, 2019

Have you ever been so invested in business growth that you’re left eating 69 cent crackers from the gas station? Ally—one of this month’s risers—was so broke trying to launch her real estate business that she would go to broker open houses for the free meals. This episode of Agent Rise focuses on the tenacity she and her husband Zach have. They prove that you can build a business from absolutely nothing but drive and resolve. 

Outline of this great episode

  • [2:40] I introduce my Risers of the month: Zach and Ally Figiel
  • [3:30] Where Zach and Ally started
  • [5:40] Overcoming anxiety and stress
  • [7:20] Find a way to break through
  • [9:35] How being vulnerable can open doors
  • [15:15] Invest in and build a community
  • [18:40] What to do when you’re first starting
  • [22:00] Remember to reach out and encourage others

Their business growth started with significant change

Zach and Ally were always stressed and anxiously awaiting for inspections to go through and sales to happen. There were many times where our coaching meetings started with the phrase “we’re going to quit”. There were many things they hated about the business and they were struggling to stay above water. 

But I wouldn’t let them quit.

Real Estate agents are trained to knock on doors, cold-call people, and chase down family and friends. They thought it was the way things had to be. When they realized they could do things differently their eyes were opened. Fear no longer had to rule them. Keep listening as we talk about the things they got clarity on. 

How being vulnerable can open doors

Zach & Ally have a sense of humor that I love. They are open and vulnerable and the same online as they are in person. When they first started they thought they had to keep up a persona—polished, proper and professional. While these things can be important, it’s more important to be yourself.

People know when you aren’t being authentic.

So don’t be something you’re not! They learned that being real and sharing stories from their life draws people in like nothing else can. It allows them to relax and open up. You want to allow people to take a journey with you—and in the process, you begin to build a community that trusts you.

Invest in your sphere of influence and create a community

Zach and Ally put have done cold-calling and open houses, but what they’ve found most successful for them is just being present in their community. They began investing their time and money into a Facebook group. Ally writes a “letter from the heart” every month—even when people move they ask her to continue sending it.

They connect with and truly care about the community that they’ve built. 

And you know what? They love what they’re doing. They send out personalized monthly emails to clients. They do giveaways on their Facebook page. Zach and Ally even launched a real estate YouTube channel to give value to clients. If any of these things are strategies you’ve considered implementing—give it a shot. You never know if it will transform your business.

The big things Zach and Ally have learned

Zach and Ally give some simple advice that I recommend as well: Do not give up—find a way to push through. Get a clear plan for your business in place. As you continue to grow, consider hiring a transaction coordinator. They made the leap to hire a coordinator and it’s transformed their business. Their transactions are in her capable hands and it’s a weight off their shoulders. 

The #1 thing they recommend?

Reach out to agents that you look up to for encouragement. It’s a difficult business to be in, and sometimes you need someone to remind you that there is light on the other side. Focus on what you can control, and let go of everything else. When you get to a place when you’re finding success remember to encourage others who are struggling. Because you’ve been there—and have come out on the other side stronger and full of hope. 

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Sep 2, 2019

If you’re looking for podcast marketing strategies to draw in and grow your audience this is the place to start. Over the years of podcasting, I’ve learned what does and doesn’t work. So today I’m going to share with you 6 things that will make your podcast a raving success. Are you ready to dive in?

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:35] Podcasting: 6 things that need to work together
  • [3:05] Know your niche!
  • [4:00] Unique ways to promote your podcast
  • [6:40] Make your show binge-worthy
  • [10:35] Give your tribe a place to “hang-out”
  • [13:00] Have a strong call-to-action in every episode
  • [17:25] Consistently produce content

Learn the ins and outs of podcast marketing

You want to promote your podcast on every social media channel possible: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter—whatever platform will work for you. Headliner is one of my favorite tools to promote on social media. You input your audio or video, add photos and captions, and in the end, you have a GREAT video to share on social media. Another great way to promote your podcast is to be a guest on other podcasts. It allows you to speak to a broader audience. In turn, you can host guests as well. Keep listening as I talk about search engine optimization with my friends at Podcast FastTrack.

How do you make your show binge-worthy?

When I did the “I Love Madison” podcast it wasn’t as successful as I hoped it would be. Looking back, I realized the content was too informational. We talked about cool things like places to see and upcoming events but it wasn’t enough to make it binge-worthy. 

Your podcast needs to be entertaining, inspirational, and educational.

I believe if it’s missing those key things it will be a lot harder for you to succeed. A podcast that is FULL of meaningful content that generates a lot of buzz is a marketing strategy unto itself. So if you’re looking at launching a podcast brainstorm what you can do to make it binge-worthy.

Give your tribe a place to connect

You want to educate your listeners, help them feel empowered, and keep them engaged. I didn’t realize the importance of this concept in the beginning and it was a mistake. Your listeners NEED somewhere to talk about your content, ask questions, and interact with each other. One of the easiest ways to implement that? Start a Facebook group for your podcast. Something I love to do is host meetups like my Agent Rise Summit. There’s something powerful about meeting and interacting face-to-face with your tribe. 

Consistently produce new content for your listeners

Consistency is key. Decide on a schedule for your show, and stick to it 100%. Your listeners must know that without fail you will have an episode ready for them. I commit to a weekly show and recommend you do the same. Do not let it be daunting. It will be challenging in the beginning but there are so many ways you can generate content. You do not want your show to have dead air. Listen to the rest of this episode of Agent Rise for some of the easiest ways I come up with weekly content. 

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Aug 26, 2019

Are there limiting beliefs you’re embracing that are keeping you from reaching your goals? 

“I’m too overweight so if I work out I’ll likely hurt myself.”

“I don’t have enough experience to be successful at…”

“If I do this I will embarrass myself and there’s no coming back from that.”

Whatever it is that is holding you back, I’m here today to tell you that it is time to break through those limiting beliefs. This episode isn’t directly about real estate but I hope you find it an inspiration—that you CAN and WILL succeed.

My weight loss roller-coaster

I’ve been overweight most of my life and have lived the weight loss roller-coaster. I once lost a whopping 140 pounds—then gained it all back. After 10 years of doing nothing fitness-oriented, I’ve decided It’s finally time for me to face obesity head-on. I’ve had a breakthrough moment where I am finally ready to be well. I’m not going to make any more excuses. No more “giving myself grace” when a mistake is made. Too much grace allows you to lose focus and you tumble out of control. You know what I’m talking about!

Don’t let the fear of failure overshadow your life

Fear can be the biggest reason we don’t reach success. The fear that we will fail can stop us in our tracks. It limits potential. We’d rather avoid the embarrassment that comes with public failure so we don’t act. Will I look dumb? Maybe. Will there be moments that I’m embarrassed? Of course. But I will overcome any fear that’s holding me back if it allows me to reach my goal. In the last episode, I talked about failure—and that failure only exists if you give up. If you don’t give up, you’re simply learning lessons and those become challenges to overcome. Only then will you find results. 

A high-level coach knows how to help you get results

My coach once weighed over 500 pounds. Today, he is 200 pounds. He’s put in the blood, sweat, and tears and has the experience to be able to coach me at a high level. He has me tracking my macronutrients (macros) and micronutrients (micros), weighing my food, and eating healthy balanced meals. GONE are the days of snacking endlessly. GONE are unnecessary sugars and starches. I finally feel that I have a clear goal that’s congruent to me, and I’m doing something I’ve never tried before to reach my end goal of 225 pounds. And you know what? In the last week alone I have already lost 10 pounds!

A coach can help you overcome limiting beliefs and retrain your mind

One of my strongest limiting beliefs was “I can’t work out because I’m too heavy and will hurt myself”. I figured I would just start with healthy eating, lose a decent amount of weight and then I would incorporate the gym. Nope. My coach called me out and put me to work in the gym immediately. He knows what I can do to protect my body so I won’t get hurt—and I completely trust him. You cannot allow yourself to be afraid of the unknown and you need to be confident that you will break through. His coaching is helping me smash through my limiting beliefs—and it is powerful. These are just a few of the things I’m learning as I’m on this side of coaching. I hope that you find it empowering and I can be a positive example of change.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:30] Starting things that are hard
  • [2:10] Breakthrough moment regarding weight
  • [3:00] The fear of failure
  • [4:25] How I found the perfect coach
  • [6:00] How many of you are afraid? 
  • [7:00] Embracing a clear plan congruent to you
  • [8:40] Find your motivation and smash through limiting beliefs

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Aug 19, 2019

Are you hungry for growth and ready to take your business to the next level? Is something holding you back? If you’ve already found success it’s easy to continue along the path you’ve already taken. It worked before, it can work again, right? NO. I’m here to tell you that whatever got you where you are now, will not get you where you want to be. This episode is all about stepping up your game, changing and adapting, and doing what it takes to continue succeeding.

The definition of insanity

We’ve all heard the phrase “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” You’re crazy if you think you can continue utilizing the same strategies endlessly and expect the results you want! The marketplace is ever-changing and if you want to stay in the game you MUST adapt with it. You need to grow with your business—often, that means implementing significant change. Are you up for the challenge?

Surround yourself with successful people to take your business to the next level

If you plant a tree, you usually begin growing it in a small pot, right? As you water the plant and provide nutrients, it continues to grow. Perhaps you move it to a larger pot so the roots have more room to stretch. Eventually, your small sapling will be ready to be planted in your yard as its roots continue to deepen and grow. So what do you need to do? Move to a bigger pot. 

Surround yourself with people who are more successful than you—even if it’s intimidating

The only way to grow is to move out of your comfort zone. Join a mastermind group. Seek out a coach that can push you to be innovative and reach the goals you set for yourself. Is it scary? Of course! But if you don’t want your business to be stagnant, it’s time to make a move. Talk to someone who knows what they’re doing. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge.

You only fail when you give up

If the fear of failure is holding you back, remember this: you only fail when you stop or quit. If you’re constantly putting in effort, you either get your desired result or a lesson. If something doesn’t turn out how you expect, what can you learn from the situation? The more lessons you learn and begin to stack up, the closer you get to your desired outcome. You need to reframe how you think about failure and choose to never stop chasing your goals. 

It’s all about keeping your plan simple and clear

The clearest path to success is keeping your strategy simple and clear. There is ZERO need to be spreading yourself thin and implementing too many strategies to grow your business. Identify a simple and straightforward plan and follow through with it. Limiting yourself in this way allows you to focus on what you’re doing—and allows you to learn. And you know what? When you focus, things begin to expand. If you want to take your business to the next level, listen to this episode your steps for success.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:33] Take your business to the next level
  • [2:50] Keep moving, adapting, and growing
  • [5:25] Why you NEED coaching
  • [6:30] The power behind mentors/coaching
  • [7:50] Overcome the fear of failure
  • [9:45] Create a clear and simple plan

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Aug 12, 2019

We all have roadblocks that we struggle to overcome, leaving us unable to reach success in things we want to accomplish. As I go through my daily routine, I keep track and write every idea that pops into my head in a journal. Those deep thoughts don’t always become full podcasts, but today I’m taking the things that have been mulling around in my head and sharing them with you. I know you’ll find some hard truths to face and hopefully some great ideas to kick you out of complacency. 

Outline of this great episode

  • [3:39] Why asking for help is a strength, not a weakness
  • [6:25] How you do anything is how you do everything
  • [8:55] Learn how to say no and avoid stress
  • [12:19] Setting proper deadlines increases productivity
  • [14:00] Stop being someone that you are not!
  • [16:55] Don’t be afraid to be wrong and learn from mistakes

Asking for help is a strength—not a weakness!

Look, we all tend to come into this job believing we need to be a powerhouse. I’ve been in the industry for 17 years and felt that I needed to know all the answers. I’m here to tell you that no matter how long you’ve been in the business, you can always learn. Don’t be ashamed when you don’t know something. Instead, swallow your pride, overcome your fear, and ask for help when you need it. Stop believing the lie that asking for help is a weakness and reach out for help. 

Be responsible and consistent with the little things to be successful with the big things

Forming healthy habits can be a gamechanger—and potentially one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. It requires consistency and taking responsibility for the little things so you can be trusted with the big things. Everyone has a different spin on how long it takes to form a habit, right? Some stand by the old adage that you can learn to be consistent with a habit in 21 days. I believe it takes closer to 90 days to really form a lifelong habit. But if you can be consistent with something as small as making your be, what other things will you be able to accomplish?

Your success is based on learning how to sayNO

Nobody likes to say no. We are so driven to fill our schedules and do as much as possible that we start saying yes to things that we just shouldn’t prioritize. Are you on the same wavelength as a seller? Are they willing to follow your way of doing things? If not, let them go. You’ll waste your time and energy if you have to veer from what you do and it could prevent you from other transactions where your time is better spent. Set boundaries and guidelines, and say no when you need to.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and allow yourself to grow from them

Fear can be paralyzing. We have such an innate fear of ‘being wrong’ that we often don’t implement new ideas. When I started the Onion Juice podcast I wanted to teach people something to attract business—not chase it. After I gained more experience coaching, I realized this tactic can take 18-24 months for you to see steady business. For most people this is not a sustainable business model. I had to pivot, embrace that I was wrong, and retract some of what I had taught. I hope I can be an example for you that you can adapt and learn as you go. So just go out there and get started and don’t be afraid to make changes.  

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Aug 5, 2019

Naturally, I believe that if you’re going to get real estate coaching, results are what matters. You’ll be wasting your money if you enter into a coaching relationship that doesn’t work for you. That’s why it’s so important to do your homework if you’re looking for a coach. The person you hire has to fit your personality have the insight to understand what motivates you, and feel confident that they can speak to you in a way that you can actually hear and be moved by.

This episode is a demonstration of how all of that could play out. I talk with Kelly Shipp, the first-ever “Riser of the Month.” Riser of the Month is an award I’m handing out to one of my coaching students each month, highlighting the progress they’ve made in following the steps we’ve laid out for them in our coaching sessions. Kelly talks about her coaching experience, how her business has transformed, the difference it makes for her when she builds her business according to a vision rather than according to her needs, and a whole lot more.

Why Kelly decided to reach out to me to coach her in her real estate business

Kelly’s story is pretty typical. She found herself in a place where she was frantically working, scrambling to keep up with all the things required to acquire clients, list homes, do the paperwork, attend closings, etc. - and it was exhausting. More importantly, she didn’t feel like she was getting anywhere. She tried to do things to help her manage things better, but all the podcasts and programs she tried didn’t seem to help.

As she listened to Agent Rise, Kelly felt that she and I were wired similarly and that something about the way I went about things resonated with her. So she decided to reach out to me. An important thing to note is that Kelly decided to get coaching before she had a team of her own. She was working as an agent in another broker’s office. That shows the initiative and drive this fiery woman has. Listen to hear how our coaching relationship took off, what she’s been able to accomplish as a result, and how she recommends you go about finding a coach who fits you!

Real estate coaching results come when you know what to do and then do it

One of the key points Kelly made during our conversation is that you need an objective person to speak to you about what’s going on in your business. It’s important because you are not able to see yourself (or your business) clearly. You’ll get distracted, bogged down in details you shouldn’t be handling, and much more if you try to go it alone.

But it’s just as important that the person you select to coach you has the experience and knowledge required to help you move in the right direction. If they don't it's like expecting your grandmother or your cousin Joe to help you when they’ve never run a business or worked in the real estate industry before. Stop spinning your wheels and trying random program after random program. It’s time to get the personalized help you need by tapping into the wisdom and insight of a good coach.

Information alone won’t get the results you’re after

Kelly was consuming everything she could find to help her manage and improve the workflows and strategies in her real estate business. But she wasn’t getting anywhere. She says that she’d hear great advice one day, try to implement it, then hear more great advice the next day - and wind up being distracted from the first thing she heard. Have you ever been in those shoes?

It wasn’t that Kelly was getting bad information, she simply wasn’t sure how to keep it all sorted out and prioritized, or how to create a plan to implement it. That is one of the greatest results of coaching, helping you objectively assess strategies, opportunities, and plans so that you can intentionally do the very best, most important things that will move your business forward. 

The power of building your business on a vision, not according to your current needs

Most of us have lived out the following scenario at one time or another - we strive and work in our real estate business in an effort to pay the bills - and that’s it. It’s a job, and we don’t have much more reason for what we’re doing than that. Kelly was in that same boat. Of course, she had dreams of where she wanted to go in life but wasn’t organizing and working her business in a way that could fuel those dreams.

That is how it was for her until she and I began coaching. One of the primary coaching results that Kelly has received so far is that she’s now crystal clear on her vision and is building her business to make it happen. She and her husband want to live full time in an RV in the coming years so they can travel the country together. It’s an incredible dream, but it can’t happen if she’s tied to a desk in a real estate office, can it? So how’s she going to accomplish it? Listen to find out.

Outline of this great episode

  • [4:29] Who is Kelly Ship, the first Riser of the Month?
  • [6:08] Business before Kelly started working the Riser Steps
  • [7:55] How simplifying and amplifying makes a huge difference
  • [9:55] How Kelly changed her Open House strategy to something that works for her
  • [11:44] The Sphere of Influence piece: Kelly’s approach
  • [13:35] Why building a team is fueling Kelly’s long term dreams
  • [19:14] Why information alone won’t get you the results you are looking for
  • [26:23] Working according to a vision rather than according to needs

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Jul 29, 2019

Most of us know what it's like to feel that our weaknesses are dragging us down - so I’ve recorded this episode to help you counteract that feeling by learning to build on your strengths. I’ve been there, I know what it’s like to be discouraged or to feel that certain limitations are holding me back from the success I want. But friends, we can’t let weaknesses or limitations knock us down. We can’t let your perception of our weaknesses dictate what we can and can’t do. We are Risers - we take responsibility for things and make things happen. This episode is going to describe a perspective we all need to have, on that leads us to identify our weaknesses, know our strengths, and address the weaknesses by building our strengths.

Overcome your limitations by reframing them

Oftentimes, the limitations we face in life or business loom up before us, seeming like giants we can’t take down. I get it, feeling a limitation is no fun and definitely demoralizing. But what I’m discovering is that every limitation can be reframed, redefined so that I can look at it in a new way that enables me to build on my strengths because of it.

Here’s an example - I have always wanted to write a book. I’ve always felt like I should write a book. But I can’t ever seem to get started. What I’ve discovered is that my strength is in shorter, creative projects, not longer, research-ish projects (like a book). So a typical book is hard for me to get done. But a friend mentioned that there are lots of shorter books out today, so I’m starting work on a short book - it fits right into my strengths rather than going against my weaknesses. What reframing can you do about the limitations you feel?

When you know your weaknesses, you’ll avoid them in favor of your strengths

If we are going to overcome our limitations, we start by being aware of our genuine weaknesses. For example, If you know you are not good at technology, you should NOT beat yourself up for it OR try to learn the gadgets and gizmos because you believe you should. Instead, give yourself permission to go low-tech. Concentrate more on what you do to create value rather than being online. AND - find others on your team who can handle the tech for you!

When you know your strengths, you can choose the ideal projects for you

Once you know what your weaknesses are (and most of us don’t need a lot of help in figuring out that part) then you need to figure out the strengths you have that can help you reframe or offset that weakness. This can be a bit tougher because we don’t see ourselves objectively. You may need a close friend or coach to help you assess your strengths realistically and then identify how they can be used to counteract your areas of weakness. But once you do and begin operating in that strength instead of obsessing over your weaknesses, watch out!

Examples of building on your strengths in real estate

Everything I’m talking about in this episode could sound theoretical - and that’s the last thing I want. So let’s lay out some quick examples of what it might look like to build on your strengths instead of obsessing over your weaknesses…

  • WEAKNESS: You aren’t fast - STRENGTH: be deliberate and thorough, or niche into bigger deals that take longer and require more detail.
  • WEAKNESS: You aren’t good at marketing or don’t have the budget to do much - STRENGTH: Get creative, be you, learn about guerilla marketing approaches
  • WEAKNESS: You’re genuinely not a people person - STRENGTH: Work on brilliant stuff alone or only work with people who appreciate what you do have
  • WEAKNESS: You’re not very organized - STRENGTH: Simplify everything so you have less to organize, or hire an assistant or transaction coordinator to help with organization
  • WEAKNESS: You don’t feel that you have enough time - STRENGTH: You can block out small chunks and really focus during that time. You can become super-efficient with the time you do have

What are YOUR weaknesses - and what are the strengths that can help you offset them? Listen to this episode of Agent Rise to learn how to reframe and overcome your limitations by building on your strengths intentionally.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:37] The theme for this episode came from the wildest dream I had!
  • [2:51] The major league dream I had - and why I’m talking about it
  • [5:05] What are the things we blame because we’re not being successful?
  • [7:27] Examples of reframing to find greater success
  • [18:01] Using time limitations to make the most of the opportunites

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Jul 22, 2019

Wow! It’s amazing to think that this podcast has actually reached 200 episodes. I remember way back when I started the Onion Juice Podcast - which was the first 171 episodes AND the craziest name for a podcast EVER - that I was somewhere around episode #9 and thought, “I think I’ve said everything I know to say!” At that moment, I panicked. I thought I was done. But I kept trying and figured out that there is a lot of my story that resonates with others and that I could share what I was learning as I kept iterating and building my own business. So that’s what I did. This episode recounts the story briefly - but more importantly, it clearly defines what I mean when I call you a “Riser” and where we are headed with this podcast.

None of us in real estate start with everything already figured out

If you feel like you’re learning on the job as an agent, welcome to the club! It’s a tough industry and has a lot of moving parts that successful agents need to keep track of. But if my story proves anything, it proves that it can be done if you are willing to stick with it. I’ve tried just about everything and if you’ve been listening to the show for any length of time you know about many of my successes, but also the failures and false starts. Along the way, one of the most important things I’ve learned is that successful agents need to be “Risers” - which is what I believe YOU are. Here’s what I mean...

What is a Riser?

I hope it doesn’t come across as sappy, but I wrote a poem - well, sort of a poem. Not really - it’s more of a manifesto, a call to action, a battle cry for all of us who want to succeed in real estate and are willing to work according to our unique individual strengths to make it happen.

Here’s To The Risers

Here’s to the Risers. 

To the fighters

the survivors,

the stay up all-nighters.

The ones with desire,

with fire,

who want to inspire. 

You can’t ignore them.

They won’t back down. 

They won’t give up. 

They are a Riser. 

They know what they need to do. 

They have a clear plan. 

They work according to a vision.

They avoid shiny objects. 

They are consistent. 

They are 100% responsible,

failure isn’t possible. 

They are a Riser. 

They know the door is revolving.

That won’t stop them.

They know the odds are against them. 

They don’t care. 

They follow the steps.

They work with confidence.

And at the end of the day,

They know they are well on their way.

They are a Riser. 

Is that you? Since you are listening to this podcast, I suspect it is. Listen to this episode to learn how you can join with other Risers who are taking their real estate business to the next level.

Simplify and Amplify: That’s how you grow your real estate business

Next week’s episode is all about this - but I want to introduce you to the topic now. There are really only two things we need to do in order to get our business going toward the next level: Simplify and Amplify.

SIMPLIFY means that you break your business down into its simplest components. It means getting rid of shiny objects, turning off the noise, and dialing-in the processes and approaches that work for your unique personality. Once you do that, you’re able to put a plan in place that works for YOU consistently and effectively.

AMPLIFY means that you take what you’ve simplified and make it known, increase it, and scale it to the point your business is rocking right along. And you keep doing it.

More on these next week, so be sure you subscribe so you won’t miss it.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:33] What does it mean to be a “Riser?”
  • [5:29] Where are we going from here?
  • [8:54] A shout out to the original “Onion Juice” gang!
  • [10:08] Why simplifying and amplifying is the way to go
  • [15:01] Find out about the upcoming Summit

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Jul 15, 2019

I know you want to become a breakthrough agent - the gal or guy in your office who has pushed beyond the barriers that previously held you back and is an amazing success. How do I know? You wouldn’t be listening to this show if you weren’t. But there are a few things in the way of you accomplishing that breakthrough - and the truth is that most agents in your shoes simply don’t know what they don’t know. That is what is holding them back.

On this episode, I want to tell you what’s holding you back and more importantly, outline the one thing you need to do in order to push past the barriers in your real estate business. Please, listen to this episode with an open mind - and with the same commitment you’ve always had to make your business great. If you do that and are willing to invest in yourself and your business, you could be on the cusp of something great!

As I recorded this episode I almost decided to stop podcasting altogether

I’ve come to see that part of the problem with new or stuck agents is that they are experiencing information overload and they don’t even realize it. There is a LOT Of content you can consume - this podcast included. And the sad thing is that in most cases, that content is not really helping you achieve the breakthroughs you’re seeking. Why? Because you’re not taking action on it in a context that will hold your feet to the fire, that will push you beyond the barriers you’re facing.

I don’t want to be guilty of adding to the noise that holds you back - so I almost decided to stop podcasting. But I didn’t. Please listen to hear how I processed that decision, but more importantly to hear how you can become the breakthrough agent you truly want to be.

You need me to coach you. There, I said it

Sometimes we need to hear things that are hard to accept but are true. And sometimes the person saying it takes a risk by being bold enough to say it. That’s how I feel about this episode. I want you to hear how you can breakthrough - and I decided to be bold enough to say it. If you continue to consume content like this podcast but are not seeing the breakthrough you seek - it’s because you need to invest in yourself. You need coaching.

Hear me out. Even the most talented and amazing sports figures have personal coaches, people who can help them see their weaknesses, understand their strengths, and maximize their game according to those things. Why is it necessary for such a naturally talented individual? Because they don’t see objectively - they don’t know what they don’t know. So the smart ones get a coach to help them see and overcome those things.

On this episode, I say it straight up - you need my coaching. Please, don’t hear me trying to sell you something you don’t need. I want you to be successful and I know that this is what will make it happen.

There are a very few exceptions out there - but not many

I know that there are rare individuals out there who are able to soak up lots of information, sort it out themselves, and apply it effectively to their lives and businesses. Those are amazing individuals who are not very common. You may be one of those people - but I want to caution you about assuming it’s the case. None of us sees ourselves entirely clearly. None of us recognizes all the places where we need help from the outside. So be careful about thinking you don’t really need coaching. That could be one of your largest obstacles to becoming a breakthrough agent.

Clarity and amplification go hand in hand - and they come from good coaching

The first and perhaps the most important benefit of coaching is that you gain clarity - about your strengths, your weaknesses, your opportunities, and so much more. When you have clarity, you are able to create a customized plan that puts you in your sweet spot - and that enables greater success in your real estate business.

Once you have clarity, you are able to amplify your strengths, putting them to work in ways you never even knew to dream of. This is where breakthroughs happen - where amazing results come about. Listen to learn how it happens - and why coaching is the main way you can achieve them in record time. I know this sounds like a sales pitch, but it’s not. It’s me speaking truthfully about what I’ve learned watching and coaching agent after agent. I hope you’ll take the time to consider it.

Outline of this great episode

  • [2:05] Get in on the upcoming Agent Rise Summit! See the link below
  • [4:34] Why I am contributing to the noise
  • [5:42] Here’s why you are not breaking through: lack of coaching
  • [11:25] A word to the rare exceptions to what I’m saying
  • [13:00] The noise prevents you from getting clarity
  • [17:93] Many of us need to get better at saying, “No”
  • [19:01] Get into my upcoming MasterClass

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Resources and Links mentioned in this episode

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Jul 8, 2019

This episode of Agent Rise is going to make most of you nervous - because I’m insisting that you hire a transaction coordinator now - no matter where you are in your real estate career. Actually, let me backpedal on that a bit: If you have less than 10 transactions under your belt, this is not for you - YET. But notice what I said - 10 transactions. You’ll be to this point soon enough.

You may think I’m crazy. Maybe I am - No, I’m not. I know that I know that I KNOW from personal experience that hiring a transaction coordinator will set you free to do what you need to do in order to increase your overall business momentum and set you up to do more deals this year. It’s that simple. Listen to hear my reasons, learn what you should look for in a transaction coordinator, know what they can do for you, and hear how I’d go about interviewing a potential TC. It’s all on this episode of Agent Rise.

But Neil, I can’t afford a transaction coordinator!

The thing that holds most Agents back is that we are wrapped up in the details and minutiae of transaction after transaction - and we have no time to build our business. The details are all important stuff that needs to be done, but who says WE have to be the ones doing it? If you are a control freak who can’t delegate, you are holding yourself back. You need to let go. You need to get help.

OK, so let’s talk about the money part of things. I know you feel like you can’t afford to hire a transaction coordinator. I felt the same way for almost 90% of my career. But I’m telling you from hard-learned experience, you truly cannot afford NOT to hire a TC. Why? Because your overall transaction volume will go UP when you hire a TC. That means you’ll have the money to pay them, no problem. Listen to learn how you can get out of your own way and level up your business by hiring a transaction coordinator. 

A real-life example of how a transaction coordinator helps you do more

I have to be honest and let you know - out of the 1000 transactions I’ve done in my career, I’ve only done the last 50 to 100 transactions with the help of a transaction coordinator. And those last 50 to 100 transactions have gone more smoothly and have been done in a way that has allowed me to produce more and provide better service than ever before.

Recently I was in a meeting when my transaction coordinator discovered that a few numbers on the paperwork did not match up. I saw the issue come up on the email app on my phone during my meeting - and a series of emails went back and forth. I knew something was blowing up and it made me nervous about what I was going to have to deal with when I got out of my meeting. When I finished the meeting I checked the last email and it was from my TC saying, “I got everything taken care of - no worries. Enjoy the closing.” 

MAN! That was a powerful reminder to me of why my transaction coordinator is so important. 

What should you look for when hiring a transaction coordinator?

There are so many things that go into a typical closing and most of us do them as second nature without thinking through the details. But if you’ll take the time to look over the home buying process, you’ll see that there is a TON of stuff that you’re doing that you really can pass on to someone else. And here’s the good news - you can pass it off to someone who not only does it better than you, but who also enjoys doing it!

Here’s what you should look for when considering a person as a transaction coordinator: 

  • They need to be experienced so that YOU don’t have to train them
  • Hire someone who knows more about transactions than you do
  • You want a person who stays one step ahead of issues
  • Find someone who will work as a subcontractor and only gets paid when closings take place

What should a good transaction coordinator be doing for you?

You know there is a lot of detail that goes into every transaction. Let’s break down all the things that you can and should delegate to your transaction coordinator...

  • Introduce and coordinate with all parties
  • Create a detailed closing timeline and stay on top of it
  • Email clients the next steps
  • Manage all contingencies and key dates
  • Schedule and coordinate the appraisal, inspection, final walk-through, and closing
  • Review all contracts and paperwork for accuracy and compliance
  • Chase down missing paperwork
  • Open escrow and/or order title work
  • Communicate progress as you go along and keep all parties on track
  • Order home warranties, coordinate transfers, manage HOA documents
  • Monitor closing progress and provide updates

And that’s just a part of what I’m sharing on this episode. I also provide a list of things your new TC should NOT be doing - and tell you how to ask the right questions to find out if the person you’re interviewing is the right fit for you.

Outline of this great episode

  • [2:40] I’ve come to believe a Transaction Coordinator is vital, no matter where you are
  • [4:20] The work a TC can do for you will allow you do do more that you need to be doing!
  • [12:06] What are you looking for when you hire a transaction coordinator
  • [14:30] What should a good transaction coordinator be able to do for you?
  • [17:20] How can you find a good TC?
  • [18:01] Questions to ask a potential transaction coordinator 

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Jul 1, 2019

It’s not uncommon for agents who have been successful so far in their real estate career to question whether or not the role is still a good fit for them. This questioning happens for a lot of reasons. Sometimes they’ve lost the fire and excitement they once had about the industry. At other times they’ve experienced setbacks that have been discouraging or deflating. I’m here to tell you that this kind of questioning is very common - and it also follows a pattern.

In this episode, I want to reveal something that I believe is missing in your career and business when these types of questions arise. Listen to learn how to address these issues - or to be prepared to address it when the time comes that they arise in your real estate career. 

Stress, lack of motivation, and tension in your business are often indications it’s time for a change

Many agents who have been in their real estate career for some time hit the point where stress is taking hold. Others find themselves lacking motivation and feel they are missing the drive they had when they first started out as an agent. Others, in spite of running a very successful real estate business always feel tense about things that are going on.

Every single one of those is an indicator that something needs to change. Often, the agent in question begins to wonder if the thing that needs to change is their career. I’m going to suggest that you’re in exactly the RIGHT career - but that you’re needing a different kind of change. It’s time for you to level up, to step up, and to begin leading others. Before you give in to the discomfort you might feel about that suggestion, listen to this episode. It’s not what you think - and it can happen in ways that energize and motivate you beyond what you can even imagine.

The answer - and hear me out on this one - is that you need to become a leader

When you hear me say that you need to step into leadership you might pull back, saying that you don’t have a high enough volume of leads or big enough budget to provide leads for a team. Be honest, is that what you’re thinking? If so, it’s a clear sign that you are thinking about the issue all wrong. Becoming a leader in the real estate industry is possible without subscribing to that flawed rainmaker model that is so prevalent in the industry. You don’t have to be the one hustling, producing leads, or paying for resources for your team - you just need to lead by example, coach, and equip others to be successful.

This episode highlights how I discovered this to be the case in my own real estate career. It was a glorious day, a career-changing event when I was finally given the opportunity to lead others. It infused me with a motivation I hadn’t had before, gave me something bigger than myself to work for, and enabled me to impact the lives of other agents in ways I hadn’t thought possible before. You’ve got to hear how it happened - on this episode.

You’ll get filled up more than you know when you lead others to build a successful real estate career

It’s amazing what happens in our own souls as we intentionally set our sights outside our private little world. Other people NEED your help. In fact, they already look up to you in ways you’re not even aware of. Think about your day to day life in the office. Who are the agents who seem to come to you for help or advice most often? Where are the places where you are already going over and above in the teamwork of your organization? Those reveal places where your leadership is already being appreciated and noticed, you just haven’t been given the title of “leader” yet. 

Please, consider this leadership option as a way to ramp up your motivation and vision for the future of your real estate business - by helping others to make their business more successful. You’ll find a lot of benefits you didn’t know where possible.

When you inspire and equip others it makes you into a better agent yourself

I’ve heard teachers and leaders in all areas say that they get more from being a leader than they ever give out. I can attest to that fact myself. There’s something about coming alongside others that encourages me like nothing else. I love being able to encourage - to help - to equip - to enable others to overcome obstacles and reach a level of success THEY didn’t think was possible. Doing so builds me up and fills MY head with vision and optimism.

And guess what - I see my production as an agent go up as well. Please - if you’re considering calling it quits on your real estate career I urge you to reconsider in light of what I’m saying. Listen to this episode. Ponder it. Think through the issues I mention - then give it a try. You’ll find the benefits of becoming a leader might be just what you need.

Outline of this great episode

  • [3:06] It’s normal for agents to feel down - unsure of their place in the industry
  • [4:41] It’s time for you to step up and become a leader
  • [7:01] What to do if you don’t feel that you are a leader
  • [14:55] How becoming a leader changed everything for me
  • [19:35] I’d love your feedback on my R.I.S.E. acronymn

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Jun 24, 2019

All of us who work as real estate agents know that we’re supposed to ask quality questions of our customers. But do we really know what that means? I’m convinced that most of us don’t know how to do it. Why am I so convinced? Because I have been geeking out about this topic - studying it, reading lots of stuff about the quality of questions we can ask to help buyers move their decision along - and I’m telling you, this is powerful stuff. That’s not an exaggeration, it’s fact. On this episode of Agent Rise, I am going to walk you through the principles behind asking the right kind of questions and explain why it’s a vital skill for every agent to learn.

When you ask quality questions that lead a customer to share openly, everybody wins

Let’s consider the average listing appointment. As the listing agent, you’ve got lots to say right? You need to explain your process, inform the customer about what to expect, address legal issues, and more. But should you launch right into your prepared speech? Maybe a better question is this: Should you have a speech at all?

I suggest you learn to ask quality questions that get your customer talking - because when your customer talks, you have the opportunity to learn exactly what they are looking for. That provides the insight you need to serve them extraordinarily well. When you ask questions that get your customers talking, you can...

  • Determine their personality type - which tells you how to best communicate with them
  • Learn their expectations - and get the opportunity to address concerns
  • Set expectations - help your customers know how you plan to serve them
  • Hear what NOT to do - from the past experiences they share with you

Asking the right kind of questions makes the conversation better, which leads to serving your customer better. All of that adds up to a really happy client, and we all know what ecstatically happy clients do - they refer others.

Assessment: In your last listing appointment, how much did you talk compared to your customer?

You may be doing a great job when it comes to asking the right kind of quality questions. But I’ve found that it’s easy to think you’re doing great when you really aren’t. How can you know? Here’s a quick way to get your finger on the pulse of how you’re communicating with clients…

In your last listing appointment, how much did you talk compared to the customer? Most agents I ask, say they talked 70% to 80%, to 90% of the time. If that’s you, you need to learn to ask better questions. When you are doing all the talking you don’t have time to find out the crucial things you need to know in order to set the stage for a supremely happy customer experience.

On this episode, I explain a little bit of how I avoid talking so much at listing appointments. My process focuses on doing the “talking” in bite-sized chunks the customer can digest - and NOT doing it all during the listing appointment.

People pay attention to the things you ask about

One of the most powerful things to know about developing the skill of asking quality questions is this: People pay attention to the topics that you ask questions about. When you know that, it opens the door to all kinds of opportunities to guide the conversation where you know it needs to go.

There’s another secret power of asking the right kind of questions and it’s this: The right kind of questions enable people to drop their guard and truly engage with you on a heart level. THAT is the kind of response you want because when you get your customers talking on that level, you’re going to find out all kinds of things that will help you serve them well.

And be sure you pay special attention to that last part - this is all about service. There’s no manipulation or coercion involved in what I’m talking about. Asking quality questions is you helping your customers let you help them. Read that last line again…. It’s a bit confusing but vitally important.

Ask the difficult questions to experience the biggest wins

Perhaps the toughest part of asking quality questions is that sometimes, they are the hardest questions to ask. Why? Because the places you feel tension in your interaction with a customer - or the subjects that the customer seems least eager to get into - are often the places where the greatest needs exist. And remember, your job as an agent is to meet your customer’s needs, to solve their problems. You can’t do that if they won’t talk about things.

So - you’re going to need courage to step into the awkward questions waters. You’re going to need to care about your customer more than you care about your own comfort. Serving people isn’t easy. It takes commitment, willingness to sacrifice to help them accomplish their goals, and willingness to wade into the waters that you know are the most troubled. But often, the greatest rewards come from those places.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:38] TOPIC: The quality of your questions determine SO MUCH!
  • [3:09] My latest geek-out topic: Asking quality questions
  • [8:20] The thought process behind asking the right kind of questions
  • [12:20] You can experience a curveball when working with spouses
  • [15:51] A challenge for you: Ask the HARD questions - they lead to big results
  • [17:40] Knowledge only becomes powerful when you put it into practice

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Jun 17, 2019

The idea of a mastermind group has been around for a long time. In fact, it was Napoleon Hill who first coined the term “mastermind” in his 1925 book, “Think And Grow Rich.” Masterminds have been used by successful people all over the world, even before they were called that. I’m in a mastermind group right now and I can’t tell you all the ways my participation in the group has changed my life and improved my business. It’s been that kind of benefit to me for a long time, and I can’t believe I’m just now telling you about it. But better late than never, right? So listen as I explain what a mastermind group is, why I’m in one (and a huge fan of them), how it benefits my business, and so much more!

You hear about “masterminds” all the time, but what are they?

A mastermind group in the context that I’m discussing on this episode is a group of professionals who get together on a regular basis to seek and give advice to each other in relation to what each of them is doing in their business. They can be structured in many ways but the main goal is for each member to share their expertise and insight - AND for each member to glean valuable insights from others.

As you might imagine, a mastermind group can become very close relationally speaking, as each member becomes intimately aware of what the others are doing in their businesses and are committed to holding each other accountable for the actions they commit to during the group time. That means you also receive the benefit of friendship and referrals. Listen to learn more and to hear how my mastermind group is structured.

What does a mastermind group look like?

There are no rules about how a mastermind group is structured, but those who have taken part in masterminds for years have learned that without a clear structure everyone will feel their time has been wasted - and the group will be ineffective. In the case of my mastermind group, we meet quarterly - which I really like, and we meet for 3 hours each time.

Here’s what we do each time we meet:

  • Each person shares a recent win - 10 to 15 minutes
  • Everyone is held accountable for their action items from the last meeting - 10 to 15 minutes
  • 6 people are on the “hot seat” and are able to ask for help and advice about a particular situation in their business - 25 minutes
  • Everyone in the group shares a final action item they intend to work on before the next meeting

Listen to learn how this meeting agenda helps us stay on track and move our businesses forward.

If you want personal and professional sharpening, a mastermind is for you

It’s hard to build a business by yourself, primarily because every one of us will have blind spots that limit our effectiveness. We need the help and insight of others to keep us on track and moving in the right direction. There is nothing like meeting regularly with a group of people who are also eager to grow and succeed - and who are willing to hold you accountable in firm but loving ways - to put yourself on the fast track to growth.

The opposite is also true: If you are not willing to be honest about your successes and your failures, don’t want others seeing and speaking about what you’re doing in your business, or are unable to receive feedback so that you can grow, you may not want to get into a mastermind group. I, for one, think you’re crazy if that’s how you feel about it, but hey - to each his own!

How do you know who to invite to your mastermind group?

Every mastermind group will have its own unique mix of people - in terms of professions and types of business as well as with a diverse mix of personalities and backgrounds. In my mind, that’s exactly how it needs to be. You don’t want to be in a group with a bunch of people who are just like you and who do exactly what you do. You want varied perspectives to maximize your potential for growth.

When it comes to the type of people you want to involve, my only requirement is that they need to be people you look up to in some way. You want to ensure that the people there are people you want to learn from and people you want to help. When that’s the case, everyone benefits. Listen to learn more. I can’t encourage you enough to get into your own mastermind group as soon as you can.

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:32] The launch of the Agent Rise Summit - Oct. 24-25
  • [7:10] What does a mastermind group look like?
  • [10:02] How a mastermind sharpens you and keeps you on track
  • [12:53] The agenda for a powerful mastermind group
  • [17:01] Why a mastermind serves entrepreneurs so well

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Jun 10, 2019

This episode is one borne out of frustration - because the leadership lessons I’ve learned throughout my career and am still learning, seem to be misunderstood or poorly applied by most leaders in the real estate industry. Hear me now - I’m not holding myself up as one of those leadership gurus who can do no wrong. Not at all. But I CAN look back over my career as a leader and see how I’ve grown. I feel it’s my responsibility to share the leadership lessons I’ve learned. I hope you understand that's the heart behind this episode.

This recording features some of the lessons I’ve learned about the effective use of competition within a real estate office, why promoting shiny object syndrome in your agents is a terrible idea (and how you may be doing it without knowing it), how to let vulnerability lead the way in your leadership, and more.

Performance scoreboards promote a scarcity mindset

One thing I’ve found in my journey is a leader is that a scarcity mindset within a team is like poison. It works its way down into the souls and psyche of your team members and breeds an inner pessimism that is hard to overcome. But let’s back up - you may not even know what I mean when I refer to a “scarcity mindset.” It’s a belief that there is only so much to go around. It's a mindset that leads to unhealthy competition and an unwillingness to share and collaborate.

That brings me to performance scoreboards. It’s common practice in the real estate industry to post “leader boards” in the office, showing which agent has the most sales. If the motivation behind posting these boards was simply to encourage the leaders, that would be fine - but scoreboards also highlight who on the team is struggling or lagging behind - for everyone to see. Scoreboards promote a scarcity mindset. They encourage unhealthy competition among agents on the same team that fosters stinginess, not collaboration. Listen to hear why I think leaders should be promoting a different kind of competition among their real estate agents - and how you can implement it immediately.

The poison of shiny object syndrome is rampant among real estate offices (and leaders)

An outgrowth of the scoreboards we see posted in real estate offices across the country is that agents who are not performing well become distracted from the proven fundamentals they need to improve. They start questioning, second-guessing themselves, and getting pulled away from the very things that will provide success over time - because they are trying to imitate those in their office who are more successful. The problem is this: The things those who are more successful are doing may not fit the personality and gifting of the new or stuck agent. But they'll try to apply them anyway.

The leadership lesson I want you to take away from this is that what will make your real estate team more effective is not competition, but collaboration. Working together, sharing resources, building cooperative efforts is what makes the team more successful. Listen to learn how a cooperation saturated environment in your office will beat competition every time.

Leadership Lesson: Vulnerability in leaders is POWERFUL

There’s a myth that’s made the rounds in our culture for a very long time - that leaders can’t express weakness or vulnerability. We tend to believe that leaders need to be strong, unshakable, examples of strength and reliability. While some of that is true, it doesn’t mean that any leader can be perfect, or lead perfectly without the normal stresses, doubts, and failings we all experience as human beings.

As I’ve said often, people can’t relate to your perfection. That goes double for leaders. Before long those you lead will resent you because you’re putting on a face that reveals no weakness, while deep down those who follow you know you aren’t really that way - because nobody can be. That is exactly why vulnerability is so powerful. As a leader, it’s your job to show your team how to move forward and achieve in spite of being imperfect. They need to learn how to be a flawed human being who is still able to accomplish great things - and they need to learn it from you. Listen to this episode to hear about the resource I’ve been drawing this lesson from, and how you can learn it as well.

Let’s change the leadership practices in the real estate industry

I’m tired of hearing the same old thing from real estate agents - that the spirit of secrecy and competition in their real estate office is demoralizing them instead of empowering them. I’m tired of seeing promising, talented, competent agents run down and discoured through bad leadership. I’m definitely not a perfect leader, and maybe that’s why I can see what’s going wrong in the way real estate managers are leading their teams - because I have done the same things. But I’m learning, I’m growing, and I’m changing to a new leadership approach that is empowering and equipping my team in significant ways.

I hope you’ll take the leadership lessons I share on this episode as encouragement and not criticism. I don’t want to see you perpetuate a failing model any longer. If something I share on this episode were to help you make a change that makes you a better leader or empowers your team to a greater level of personal or professional success (or both), I’d be so happy.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:29] Why leadership is a tricky thing - and talking about it is, too
  • [2:15] How this episode flows out of a sense of frustration I’m feeling
  • [4:10] Who should agents really be competing against?
  • [11:10] Shiny object syndrome is rampant among real estate agents
  • [15:24] Why vulnerability is powerful as a leadership characteristic

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Jun 3, 2019

We all know what it means to do client events. They could take the form of a ball game, hosting a bar-b-que, or holding a “client appreciation party.” That’s great, we should appreciate our clients, but we can do so much more - and do it in a way that broadens our reach and connects us with pre-clients. The ideas I’m having around this topic flow out of what’s been happening with the “I Love Madison” meetups my team has been putting together. Such amazing things are happening, I want to share it with you and encourage you to do get your own brand of community events going. Listen to learn more!

People have more ability to connect than ever before but are still lonely

You know what I’m talking about - Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn - all of the social media platforms are incredibly helpful and useful in a variety of ways. But the remote nature of how they work often isolates us even more in real life. Instead of being better connected, many of us wind up feeling lonely.

I believe this is a growing problem that Realtors are uniquely positioned to address. How? By hosting client events, and even better - community events. On this episode, I want to explain some of the dreams I have for the “I Love Madison” meetup events and give you some ideas that you can use in your own community. Who knows what could happen if we all do our part to bring our communities together? Maybe someone will meet their new best friend through an event you host. Maybe love will blossom as a result. Maybe you'll find 2, 5, or 10 new clients. You never know what could happen!

As Real Estate Agents we have a huge opportunity to bring people together

Real Estate agents are uniquely positioned in the community to host unique and appealing events that people really enjoy. Why? We know the community, we know the happening places, we know the things that newcomers to our cities need to know about and become connected with. That means we have the potential of being a huge asset to the people of our communities. Why are we not taking advantage of that fact?

Listen to hear about the results of our “I Love Madison

meetup group and how we are pulling it off with very little effort, almost no overhead, and are getting great results. I’m meeting more people every month through these simple groups and my network continues to expand. Most importantly, it’s exciting to see what’s happening as people connect and exciting to be so involved in making it happen.

What are the events people will want to come to?

I recently heard Gary V. talking about the idea of psychographics. I didn’t even know what the word meant so I looked it up. Here’s the definition:

The study and classification of people according to their attitudes, aspirations, and other psychological criteria, especially in market research.

What does that mean for us as Realtors? It means that the better we know the way the people in our communities think, what motivates them, and what their hopes and dreams are, the better we can serve them. We need to become students of our communities. Then we can host events that are designed specifically for them and invite them to come. The I Love Madison Team is working on plans to do a concert series featuring local artists. Why? Because we know that people in our community often gather around music, so we’re going to take full advantage of that (in a good way). Listen to learn more!

Focus on the stage, not the age

It’s easy to think that demographics and targeting for client events like I’m talking about in this episode has to do with age, but it doesn’t. One example I mention is that a 28-year-old could be married or they could be single. They could have kids, or they could not. They could be employed in a white-collar profession or a blue collar job. There’s no way that age is a clear enough indication of what a person is like to bank on it when it comes to planning events.

Instead of looking at age, we should be considering “stage of life.” By doing this we’ll be much more effective at discovering interests, hobbies, and preferences that a wide range of people will enjoy - and we can host events that are “beyond client events” - events for the entire community. Listen to learn why I think these events are are so powerful and to hear what the I Love Madison team is cooking up for the city of Madison.

Outline of this great episode

  • [3:30] The thought of bringing people together is inspiring to me
  • [6:08] Why are more realtors not doing client meetups?
  • [8:50] Cool things can happen when you bring people together
  • [12:20] Find holes in the city and bring them to life with your events
  • [14:40] Take the word “client” out of your client events

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May 27, 2019

Gary V is a big-time successful entrepreneur who you’d expect to have a great productivity tip or two to share - and he does. But I recently saw a video of him being asked for his top productivity tips and the first one he mentioned blew me away because it wasn’t what I expected to hear from him. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized there was a reason he gave it as the very first tip - it’s the most important one. When you have it in place, it shapes the way you apply all the others. What was his #1 tip? Practice gratitude.

On this episode of Agent Rise, I’m going to walk you through Gary’s 6 productivity tips and give you my thoughts about how they play into a real estate business. At the end, I’m going to invite you to interact with me about these things because I believe that together, we can put them to work in our lives and make our businesses soar.

Gary V’s #1 productivity tip: Be grateful

How is being grateful a productivity tip? Maybe an attitude tip or a success tip, but productivity? Yes, productivity. When we are able to approach our business with an attitude of gratitude we’re able to put things into perspective. Let’s look at an example…

If you are able to find those things you’re grateful for about the way your business is running, or where you've come from over the past few years, you’re going to find that those are the things that are going well. They are the things that are encouraging to you, that are having the biggest impact. In doing so, you’ve also discovered the things that matter the most to your business, which helps you to prioritize to a greater degree. Now you are set up to be more productive because you know what really matters.

Being grateful can increase your team’s productivity too

All of us are in business to serve people, right? We’re also building teams of people who can help us do that. And none of us want our teams to feel we disregard them or don't appreciate them. Gary V’s first productivity tip applies to our interactions with our teams because the more grateful we are for the people on our team and the more we express that appreciation to them, the better they serve our clients.

Think about it - when you feel appreciated by your boss you are more motivated to work, to do well, to accomplish more. It’s the same way for the members of your team. But it also applies if you’re part of the team and not the leader. One member of my team excels at gift giving and has inspired and motivated me to get better at it myself. It’s an amazing example of how gratitude for one area or person bleeds over into gratitude across the entire team - and amplifies your productivity.

99% of things don’t matter, but they rob you of your joy

Another productivity tip Gary V shared is to remember that 99% of things don’t matter. What’s he saying? We need to learn to relax, to take the pressure off ourselves so that we can clear away the fog of busy-ness in order to see the 1% of things that actually DO matter. When we can see those things clearly, we are more clear on what we need to work on to move the business forward - and THAT equals greater productivity.

So take stock of your business and your life with that truth in mind. Most of what you stress about won’t matter much in the end. It’s like worry - we worry about things that might happen but never do, which means we’ve wasted all that time and energy on something that was nothing more than a misplaced emotion. Break out of that cycle and watch your productivity soar as you focus on what really matters.

Figure out what’s driving your business and do it well.

Every business, including your real estate business, has many parts to it. As an example, you may have noticed that I teach 10 Agent Rise steps - things to focus on to make your real estate business thrive. But none of us can focus on all of those things at once. We need to select the one that has the most impact and focus on it until we have it down really well.

So take the time to look through your business and figure out what’s driving it. In most cases, it’s your attraction pillar or your chase pillar. Double-down on that. Make it a priority and make it the most excellent part of what you do. Then you will be ready to move ahead to the other things, adding brick by brick to your strategy until it’s all in place and functioning smoothly.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:31] A new perspective about being productive rather than being busy
  • [3:28] Gary’s 6 tips for being more productive
  • [5:08] Why being grateful for where you are in business is so powerful
  • [7:47] Avoid getting caught up in what’s going wrong because 99% don’t matter
  • [12:14] What is driving your business? Do you do it well?
  • [14:23] Build your sphere of influence list around people you like

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May 20, 2019

The 10th step of My "Agent Rise Steps" is the Team-Building Step and it's all about building real estate teams that rock! How do you do it? One of the popular approaches recently has been what’s called “The Rainmaker” model. It’s a model a lot of people say is the best approach, a model that many people have subscribed to but that I don’t particularly like. Why? Because of the way it puts undue pressure on the team leader and obscures the identity of the individual real estate agents on the team.

What do I like instead? I like to think of it more as a coaching model, or a mentorship model. On this episode I’m going to explain why I think a coaching approach is a better approach, and how real estate agents can experience greater freedom within my model.

My concerns with the Rainmaker Model of building a real estate team

I’ve been there, friends. I’ve been a full-blown practitioner of what is known as the Rainmaker Model of team building in. Trying to pull it off, I was spending $3000/mo on advertising and lead generation. I was the sole person on the team responsible for getting those leads into the pipeline. I was single-handedly supporting Zillow with what I paid them - at least if felt that way.

And the way that translated into our team dynamic was anything but healthy. I was pressuring my team to convert the leads I provided. I was hounding them, riding them, not exactly being nice to them all the time, because I felt the work I was doing and the money I was spending was not being effectively utilized. Unhealthy, right?

Now I’m dealing with my team in an entirely different and healthier way - and I want to explain it to you so that YOU can do the same. It’s on this episode...

Are you running a business or building a job for yourself?

When it comes to building a real estate team, you have to answer a very basic question: Are you building a business or just creating a job for yourself? It may sound a bit snarky to ask it that way, but it really cuts to the heart of the matter. If you are content to be a solo agent and never build a team around you, you’re going to limit your potential and be solely responsible for everything that happens or doesn’t happen in your “business.” It’s a job, nothing more - and it can be a very un-fun way to live and work.

But if you build a team, you not only relieve the pressure and stress on yourself by sharing the responsibilities, you also leverage the combined efforts of your real estate team to do more business, which brings more success for you and everyone on your team. But be careful when it comes to how you GO ABOUT building that team. There are good ways and not so good ways to do it. On this episode, I want to outline what I see as the very best way to go about it - by building a team that agents LOVE to be a part of.

You might surprise yourself with how good of a real estate team you can build

When I speak with agents about building a team many of them are hesitant. They don’t see themselves as leaders, they don’t feel they can do everything required, and in the end, they are simply afraid of success. Yep, I’m talking about THAT again in this episode, because it’s a HUGE LIMITING factor for so many agents. Learn how to overcome fear of success and build a team that not only makes your business thrive but that also makes everyone more successful - even your clients.

Dream toward your own real estate team - I dare you!

Many real estate agents think in terms of “someday” when it comes to building a team around them. They think, “When I get to ___________ level of success, I’ll build out a great team.” The problem is that you can’t typically get to that level of success without building a real estate team. It simply isn’t possible for you to handle the amount of work required to get there. You need help.

So the time to build a team is now. Think it through, you need it and deep down you likely want it as well. Start dreaming about what that team will be like, how you want the culture to be, and what you’ll do to support and empower your team to be successful as individuals. On this episode, I tell you some of the pieces you want to consider and why you might benefit from getting coaching yourself - to help you build your team the right way.

Outline of this great episode

  • [2:54] Building real estate teams without following the rainmaker model
  • [8:54] The primary asset of my team-building model is leadership and coaching
  • [13:33] Why you should believe that you CAN build a real estate team
  • [15:51] Always being a solo agent should NOT be what you settle for
  • [17:30] The question potential team members should ask

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May 13, 2019

One of the biggest challenges facing real estate agents today is trying to stay productive. It’s difficult because even if you’re days are filled with tasks it doesn’t mean you’re actually accomplishing the growth you desire. Being busy does not mean you are being effective! Do you understand the difference? Are you driving your business or driving yourself crazy? Find out on this week’s episode of the Agent Rise Podcast.

Play to your strengths

Something I say all the time, whether it’s on the podcast or in coaching, is that in order to succeed as a real estate agent you have to develop a clear business plan that’s congruent to you. You will never stay productive if you don’t. However, it’s incredibly important that we define what “congruent to you” means as you develop your plan. In simple terms, it means to play to your strengths. You can’t simply copy the strategy of a successful agent on your team and call it a day. Their plan works for them because it is FOR THEM. Just because geo-farming is how one agent rises to the top does not mean you will have the same level of success. You may need a more fast-paced approach and get better results with online leads. The “what” does not matter nearly as much as the “who”. Just remember, the most important ingredient in developing a successful business plan is YOU.

Invest in self-discovery

Too many realtors have invested a ton of precious time and resources into playing the wrong game. They’ve either borrowed someone else's successful business plan assuming it will bring them equal success or they hear a strategy they like and assume that because they like it they’ll be good at it. Yet, year after year their growth is non-existent and their income bracket stagnates. Don’t let that be you! Before you can play to your strengths you have to know what your strengths are. Sometimes it’s hard to see that for yourself and that’s where coaching can be an invaluable resource. Rushing into action with a half-baked business plan will cost you more than investing in self-discovery ever will. Stop missing the mark and figure out what works best for you instead of relying on assumptions.

Clear your mental calendar

A few weeks ago, I brought up the idea that a lot of us are busier in our heads than we are on our calendars. If you want to stay productive you have to clear out the junk in your mind. I know how hard it is to stop thinking about every minute detail of our business. It’s so easy to be consumed by thoughts that steal our joy and keep us from moving forward. We have to learn how to command negativity to leave and only focus on what we can control. Stop worrying and let go of what you can’t change. It’s not worth the stress and anxiety you’re creating. By clearing your mental calendar you will finally start working ON your business instead of always working in it.

Give yourself permission to rest

It may seem contradictory, but one of the biggest components of staying productive is learning how to rest. Rest is what enables you to recharge and allows you to breathe fresh life into your real estate business. If you’re constantly tired and on the edge of burnout you will only be able to strive for mediocrity as a means of survival. However, if you give yourself the space to unplug and enjoy life you will find that there is no limit to your potential. Learn how to set healthy boundaries for yourself by prioritizing fun, relaxation, and even sleep. After all, how are you ever going to dream big if you don’t sleep enough?

Outline of this great episode

  • [5:14] Making your business plan congruent to you
  • [11:40] How I discovered my strengths (and how you can too)
  • [15:41] Clearing your mental calendar
  • [20:23] The importance of rest in productivity

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May 6, 2019

Are you ready to stop settling? Do you find yourself in the same income category year after year with no idea how to break the cycle? Do you feel like getting to “good enough” is all you will ever be good for? The truth is that the limits on your life are mostly self-imposed and in order to break through them you have to figure out where they are coming from in the first place. It’s time to dig deep on this week’s episode of the Agent Rise Podcast.

Crush your comfort zone

Jim Collins once said that “Good is the enemy of great”. This means that if your goals are simply to maintain the status quo you are dreaming too small or not at all. You may not be failing, but “getting by” should never be a benchmark in your business. Don’t let comfort lull you into complacency. Be bold! Take risks! Do the things no one else is willing to do so you can live like no one else will get to live. One of the big catchphrases right now is “work/life balance”. By no means am I knocking the need for balance in your life. You absolutely need to have clear boundaries between work and rest. What you CAN’T afford to do is let balance be an excuse to not be bold and give everything you’ve got to your real estate business. Don’t rob the world of what you could have created if you really tried.

Changing your perspective will change your business

Something that revolutionized my world is intentionally seeing my business as a business. If your business is something you can’t walk away from without the wheels falling off and everything bursting into flames then you don't have a business. What you have is a job. Gainful employment and nothing more. This is why it’s crucial to build teams as a means to growth in your real estate business. Successfully built teams will multiply your revenue and decrease your workload. Stop equating the amount of revenue you want to make with the amount of time it will take to make it. The root of that mindset is one that refuses to allow other capable people from doing jobs that they can do well and you don’t need to be doing. You actually gain control of your future when you release control of your workload.

Teach your agents to fish

Too many real estate agents believe the myth that you HAVE to be a rainmaker in order to build and lead a team. The money you’ll spend on leads alone chasing that lie will make breaking even a task in and of itself. There is a better way friends! Rather than taking on the sole responsibility of distributing fish (so to speak) to your agents, develop solid systems that will teach your agents to fish for themselves. You don’t have to build a team based on your production. It is not your job to spoon feed your agents success. YOUR job as a team leader is to coach, mentor, and empower your team to obtain success for themselves. By eliminating a rainmaker mentality you will severely reduce your stress and allow your agents to develop their own unique identity in real estate.

Let the score take care of itself

Bill Walsh, one of the most successful and influential coaches in NFL history, wrote a compelling book entitled The Score Takes Care Of Itself. In summary, when you focus on the fundamentals and your responsibility to those core disciplines the results will follow naturally. The same can be said of your real estate business. If you constantly focus on the deficit between where you’re at and where you want to be you will never remain focused enough to accomplish the things that will actually get you there. You have to work according to your vision and not according to your needs. Don’t let one failure derail your entire strategy. Stay focused and keep working the clear plan that is congruent to you and I promise the score will take care of itself.

Outline of this great episode

  • [3:42] The impact of culture on our desire to conform
  • [6:18] Do you just have a job or do you run a business?
  • [9:13] Debunking the rainmaker myth
  • [13:45] Abundance mindset vs. fixed mindset
  • [11:06] Is keeping score keeping your from breakthrough?

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Apr 29, 2019

With the biggest superhero movie in history premiering last weekend, we are going to take a deep dive into the villains keeping you from achieving success as a real estate agent. What is holding you back from the success you want to reach? We all have SOMETHING we struggle with that is standing in the way of breakthrough. Maybe you know exactly what that is. Maybe you don’t. Or maybe you only think you know and a blind spot has been hiding your real enemy for a long time. It’s time to unmask your villain on this week’s episode of the Agent Rise Podcast!

You CAN rewrite your story

When limiting beliefs set in, it’s really easy to assume that the things you struggle with will always hold you back and there’s not much you can do about it. Friends, that is an absolute lie! You CAN rewrite your story and achieve success as a result. However, just because it’s possible does not mean it’s easy. Rewriting your story will take discipline and possibly some painful conversations. More often than not, the true identity of the villain in your life has been hiding in a blind spot and it takes coaching and transparency to bring it to light. Stop fighting the wrong enemy and do the work to figure out what is really holding you back. Do you have what it takes? The answer is YES!

With great responsibility comes great power

Yep, you read that right. The majority of our villains are easily slain by taking 100% responsibility for what happens in our life and business. Blaming your lack of achievement and success on anything and everything is an incredible waste of time. Blaming, in general, implies that we are passively helpless to our circumstance and shortcomings. Nothing could be further from the truth! Stop playing the blame game and start taking 100% responsibility for what goes on in your world. When you start seeing yourself as the only entity responsible for your success you begin to not only pursue it but also achieve it.

Consistency is key in order to achieve success

Good techniques are great, but they don’t matter if you can’t stay consistent in your real estate business. This is where a lot of agents struggle, but consistency becomes easier once you have a clear plan that you are totally invested in. You have to believe in the strategy you develop for yourself. You could have the greatest plan in the world, but if you’re not committed to its execution then what you have is NOTHING. Unbelief will kill your consistency and derail you when tougher seasons come. It’s easy to stay consistent when everything is going your way, but you have to learn how to hunker down through changing markets and seasons so that you can achieve the success you are striving for.

Don’t let a fear of lack keep you from abundance

The real villain keeping us from being able to achieve success is our limiting beliefs. We often blame our lack of achievement on the first thing that comes to our mind when we reflect on our obstacles, but the root of almost every single one of those obstacles is usually a lie we believe about ourselves. Maybe it came from things that were spoken over us in childhood. Or maybe we’re letting a past failure define our future. Either way, we are operating out of fear of lack instead of nurturing a mindset of abundance. We limit the resources we spend and the effort we exert because we are terrified of running out of both. Stop believing you will never have enough or be enough to achieve the success you seek. You ARE enough! It’s not that as a new or stuck real estate agent you can’t afford coaching. You can’t afford NOT to be coached. You can’t afford NOT to invest in your future. You are worth so much more than the lies you have believed about yourself. It’s time to unmask your villain and kick butt!

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:32] A recap of the Agent Rise Web-A-Thon
  • [3:57] What it looks like to rewrite your story
  • [5:14] The top villains of real estate agents just like you
  • [8:00] THIS will defeat almost any villain in your life and business
  • [11:06] A practical snapshot of taking 100% responsibility
  • [13:55] Unmasking the REAL villain keeping you from achieving success
  • [17:43] Keeping your origin from determining your destination

Recommended Resources

Resources and Links mentioned in this episode

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